Peer Dicken
* April 26, 1973
Married to Anna, four kids

Worked as a IT & media freelancer since 1998. Studied IT science and theology. Served as a location pastor for the ICF church movement.  Started a popup church with refugees. Always fascinated to find ways to engage people and promote messages.

Peer is available for photography and video projects in Germany, the EU and beyond. 

About me

I love to connect brands and people with photos and videos. I work with businesses and non profits.

I discovered photography as my way to create art and to express myself. I create photographs of nature and the world and people that surround me. In contrast to my business photography, working for my personal projects is a way to calm down, step back from the business of work and enjoy the process of capturing a complete story in to a single frame. 

Truly, my heart will beat faster if you decide to support my photography by buying one of my prints. Thank you so much for that precious support. More and more products will be added to the shop in the near future.

To everyone who supported me during all the last years: Y'all are awesome! Stay healthy and in these crazy times: Always be negative!

I am looking forward to discuss your photography and videography needs, so let's start!


Peer Dicken