I love to create. My passion is to create beautiful work, wether it is photography or design work.

I love to connect brands and people with design work, photo & video and strategic thinking. 

But, even more than that, I love to photograph. I have always been creating for businesses, but at some point I realized that I needed more, to allow myself to grow. Then, I discovered photography and understood, this is my way to create art. I create photographs of nature and the world and people that surround me. In contrast to business photography, working for my personal projects is a way to calm down, step back from the business of work and enjoy the pure process of capturing a complete story in to a single frame. 

Should you need help in Brand Strategy, Digital Development or Content Production, I would be absolutely happy if you contact me to get a digital proposal, including some client samples.

Stay tuned for more!

Peer Dicken


1973 April 26
Married since 
1997 (Anna Dicken)
Freelance media guy since
First print media created
school newspaper
Art school
First computer
Apple II clone, then Atari ST
First online media created
Local Mailbox System on Fido
IT Systems nerd since

Theology & IT Science
First startup
1999 (CTO, Crossmedia Agency)
Famous for
Whiskey BBQ Sauce
Started a local church
2013 (founding pastor)
Started a popup church
2015 (pastor)
Craving for
Really good burgers
Political views
It's complicated (sociodemocratic-greenliberal-conservative, maybe)
What's cool
Hanging out at a fireplacewith good friends
Most important person
Jesus Christ, my saviour
Where I want to go
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia
What would you like to know? or stalk me on Facebook and Instagram