My photos, my soul?

January 4, 2021

A few days ago I’ve been to the beach in Neukirchen, to revisit the Old Seabridge Quern. The family was with me and we had a quite nice time, although it was windy, freezing cold and honestly – I would have needed more time to focus on my photography.

I slowly realize, that nature photography is completely different to any other kind of photography. It takes much more time to compose a stunning seascape photography, than to capture a moment of a concert, worship or even a wedding. It is an interesting transition from events to nature, as suddenly it’s important to fill my photography with more of myself. My photos need soul. My soul. My thoughts, feelings, my prayers, even fears and insecurities all find their way in to my photography. While listening to Steffany Gretzingers great album “Blackout” I realized, that really my photography is creative worship. I am thinking about working on a series of photographs paired with a bible verse, a psalm, maybe even a soundtrack.

And I begin to love that.

Looking forward for more!